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Emana® is a revolutionary development from Solvay, a technological breakthrough in the textile field, that makes possible the creation of bioactive apparels able to promote a new level of interaction between the fabric and the skin, in order to enhance wellbeing.

  • Increases collagen synthesis.
  • Improves skin elasticity and reduces the appearance of cellulite
  • Delivers a smoother and younger skin
  • Improves micro-circulation.
  • Maximum comfort and well-being
  • Push-Up effect.
  • It does not leave marks on the skin
  • Easy to maintain and wash.
  • Antibacterial fabric
  • Hand Made in Brazil

Emana® is Solvay’s polyamide 6.6-based smart yarn with a far infrared technology that transforms the human body heat in benefits to skin care. Thanks to bioactive minerals embedded in the yarn, Emana® absorbs the body heat and emanates far infrared rays back to the skin offering thermo-regulation properties and improving blood micro-circulation.  

For athletes, Emana® improves sports performance, reducing muscle fatigue with less oxygen consumption and fast recovery

All of the Emana® benefits are scientifically proven and its intelligent properties deliver an everlasting effect, even after unlimited washes

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